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Chapter 28: Education for Life - and for Death

Such cunning people.but the world is full of them. Be simple like a small child - that is the idea of Dostoevsky in The Idiot.

Elmer, aged nine, was puzzled over the girl problem and discussed it with his friend, Ernie.

“I’ve walked her to school three times,” said Elmer, “and carried her books, and I have bought her an ice cream twice. Now, do you think I ought to kiss her?”

“No, you don’t need to,” said Ernie. “You have already done enough for that girl.”

Children have a beauty, and they have an insight which, as you grow old, you lose.

The village priest approached a group of small boys sitting in a circle around a dog. When he came up to them, he asked, “What are you doing to the dog?”

Little Ernie answered, “Whoever tells the biggest lie, wins the dog.”

“Ah!” exclaimed the priest, “I’m surprised at you boys. When I was young like you, I never told a lie.”

There was silence for a while, until little Ernie shouted out,

“Give him the dog!”

The printed sign on the church lawn said, “If Tired of Sin - Come In.” Scrawled underneath in lipstick, “If not, call The Star Hotel and ask for Lucy.”