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Chapter 16: God: The Greatest Fiction

Where did the Devil come from when he appeared to Adam and Eve as a serpent?

A very simple principle has to be understood. If you lie once, then you will have to lie a thousand and one times to protect the first lie. Still it remains unprotected; those one thousand and one lies cannot make it a truth. They may repress it, but it is there. And in fact they are all lies, so every lie, in its own turn, needs protection again. And you cannot protect a lie by any truth.

Truth needs no protection. When you speak the truth it is self-evident, complete. Nothing else is needed, no support. It has its authenticity in itself. The lie is empty. It has no evidence. But you can befool people by telling a series of lies. Perhaps one they may find out, but when thousands of lies are told, it is very difficult to find out the basic lie in this crowd.

God is the basic lie - so basic that it needs thousands of theologies in the world to protect it. Still it is not protected. Still God is not self-evident. Still it needs proof, still no argument is enough. All arguments are found to be illogical. Yes, they can convince somebody who is already convinced. But there is no point in convincing a person who is already convinced, who has accepted, believed. He needs no argumentation about it, no proofs. But all your arguments about God, and proofs, have not been able to convert a single atheist in the whole history of humanity. This is something to be thought about. And then, because you have spoken the basic lie, now you have to surround it, cloud it, with many more lies.

The story of the Devil seducing Eve and Adam, and the fall of humanity, these are supporting lies. But it’s very interesting to go into them, interesting to see the cunningness of the so-called messiahs, avataras, and the so-called theologians. Before I enter into this story I would like you to know the full version. Generally the full version is not known. Only half the story is being told, because the other half became inconvenient..

Adam and Eve were not the first to be created by God. The real story is that Eve was a second thought. God had created one woman, but it was not Eve. He created Adam and one woman. When I look at the story, it is very revealing. He created a man and a woman, but he must have been - and he was - a Jewish God. It is a Jewish story, and he must have been a perfect Jew: he created only one bed, so small that even for one person it was not comfortable. It was impossible to put the man and woman together on that small bed. So the first night - the honeymoon night - turned into a nightmare. The first fight was, “Who is going to sleep on the bed?”

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