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Chapter 4: The Tolling Bell

They still have the same attitude. They are living in the past.and you have given them new technologies which are dangerous, and in their hands very dangerous. It is like giving a beautiful car to a man who knows how to drive a bullock cart; there is certainly going to be an accident.

I have heard about one Indian raja. He was rich, and because the British governor-general and governors had beautiful cars, he also got a beautiful car. He went for a drive but he forgot about the brake, and finally he could only think of crashing the car into a tree to stop it. Otherwise how was he going to stop it? The car stopped and he was very happy. He came back home and did the same thing with the house! People gathered and they said, “What are you doing!”

He said, “It is a beautiful car. Just when you want to stop it, it is a little difficult. You have to have a tree or a house - something to stop it. Otherwise it goes on and on. But no harm; we have enough trees around, enough houses.”

There are going to be disasters. This is just the beginning. Use the opportunity to be awake - that’s all you can do. There is nothing else that you can do.

And tell your friends to use the moment for meditation, because the disaster that has happened in the nuclear plant in Chernobyl near Kiev is not something that happens and is finished. Its effects will linger for decades, at least for thirty years. So it is not a question of some house being burned.and finished.

Particularly in the Ukraine, where Kiev is, is the most productive part of the Soviet Union for wheat, for other foodstuff. But now for thirty years you will not be able to grow anything in the Ukraine.

For thirty years the radiation will affect fruits, vegetables, wheat, milk - because cows will be eating the grass. And any living things - grass, wheat, fruits - catch the radiation immediately; it becomes part of them. And when you eat, it becomes part of your system.

There may be thousands of women who are pregnant. If the radiation has entered them, their children will be born distorted, blind, crippled, with no brain - anything is possible. The best will be that they are born dead; anything else is going to be a lifelong tragedy. So it is a danger not only for the living but even for those who are going to be born. And the same is true about animals. If they are pregnant their children will be crippled.

And governments go on lying. You can see how much politicians can lie. Two thousand people died in Chernobyl where the disaster happened, and the Soviet Union declared that only two persons died. Can you imagine the scale? Two thousand people died - there were eyewitnesses who saw two thousand corpses taken out of the burning plant - and the Soviet Union declares on the radio that only two persons died and everything is under control.

And nothing was under control. The next day it became clear: the radiation cloud started moving over other countries and the amount of radiation went up.

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