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Chapter 7: The Light of Consciousness

There are many glands within us which are not active. Remember, the total development of man has not yet happened. Those who know the science of the body say that only a very small part of man’s brain is active. The remaining part is totally inactive, it does not appear to have any function. And scientists have not been able to discover their function. As yet, those parts appear to have no function. A large part of your brain is lying there totally unused. But yoga says that all these parts can become active. And descending from the human beings, in animals an even smaller part is used - the greater part of an animal’s brain is unused. When you descend the ladder even further, an even greater part of the brain of the lower animals is unused.

If we had been able to examine the brains of Buddha and Mahavira, we would have found that their entire brain was used; no part was dormant. Their whole brain capacity was used, and in you only a small part is used.

Now in order for that part which is not used to become active, you will have to give yourself suggestions; you will have to make an effort. Yoga has tried to make those parts of the brain active by working on the chakras. Yoga is a science, and a time will come when yoga will become the greatest science in the world.

As I have said, by focusing your attention on these five chakras and by making suggestions to those particular parts of your body, these chakras will become instantly relaxed. You will give the first chakra a suggestion to relax and simultaneously you will imagine that the feet are relaxing - and the feet will become relaxed. Then you will move upwards. You will suggest to the second chakra near the navel to become relaxed, and all the organs around the navel will relax. Then you will move upwards, and you will suggest to the third chakra near the heart that it should relax, and the whole complex of the heart will become relaxed. And again move upwards and suggest to the fourth chakra between the eyes that it should become relaxed, and all the muscles of your face will relax. Move upwards even further and suggest to the fifth chakra that it should relax, and everything inside the brain will become relaxed and silent.

The more total you are in making the suggestions, the more total the happening will be. After practicing it continually for a few days you will start to feel the results.

Don’t be afraid if you don’t feel results right away. If nothing happens quickly, there is no need to feel anxious. Even if it takes many lives for someone who is thirsty to discover the soul, it is not much time. It takes us years just to learn ordinary things. So by doing this experiment with total determination, patience and silence, the results are assured.

You will relax the body by giving suggestions to these five chakras. Then, when I tell you to relax the breathing, let it relax. And I will tell you that your breathing is becoming silent.then make the suggestion. Finally I will tell you that your thoughts are disappearing and the mind is becoming empty.

This will be our meditation experiment. But before this meditation, we will make these suggestions for two minutes, and before making these suggestions for two minutes we will make the resolution five times.

Now we will start the night meditation. Everybody has to lie down for this meditation. It is only to be done lying down. So make space for yourself. We will sit and make the resolution, make the suggestions, and then lie down.