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Chapter 4: Understanding the Mind

In one book, I was reading about a sage who was still working at the age of sixty. His name was Rajababu, as his mother had called him. He had become old but people still called him Rajababu. One day he went out for a stroll. The sun had not yet risen and he walked to the outskirts of the village. A woman was trying to wake up her son saying to him, “Rajababu, how long are you going to keep on sleeping? It is morning now, wake up.”

He was walking with a stick in his hand when he heard, “Rajababu, how long are you going to keep on sleeping? It is morning now. Wake up.”

He heard this, turned around and went back home. He felt, “Now it will be difficult. today I have received my message. Today I heard, ‘Rajababu, how long are you going to keep on sleeping? It is already morning, now wake up!’” And he said, “Enough is enough! Now it is finished.”

Now who knows which woman was saying this to wake up her child - but for someone with understanding it becomes a divine message. And it is possible that someone is trying to teach you something and you don’t have the ears to hear or the eyes to see. You are just sitting and listening, thinking that maybe it is meant for someone else.

So be close to truth, long for truth, search for truth, discover and nourish pure thoughts in your life, be close to nature These are all helpful conditions and foundations for the development of pure thoughts.

Now I have given you a few indications for the purification of thoughts, but you will have to understand their importance to make them part of your daily practice. It is not only for today or tomorrow: there cannot be a meditation camp where in three days the thing happens and the matter is finished. Irreligiousness is a disease that pervades life, so the meditation camp will also have to go on for your whole life. There is no way out, it will have to be practiced throughout your whole life.

Tomorrow I will talk about how to purify the emotions.

Now we will try to understand something about the eve-ning meditation and then we will sit for the meditation.

For the evening meditation we will make a resolution like we have done for the morning meditation. We will repeat the resolution five times. Then after these five times, for a while we will feel it, the same as we have done this morning. Everyone should be lying down.everyone should lie down beforehand. Lie down quietly in your place and then the lights will be switched off. Then we will relax our bodies. In the last meditation camp I asked you to relax your whole body. It is possible that some of you were not able to do it, but I have a suggestion for them.