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Chapter 32: The Greatest Gamble

When the Communist Party tells a lie, we know it is a lie. When the pope tells a lie, we know it is a lie and we say that he is telling a lie, But when you tell a lie, we always say it is a “device.” I would like to know why you tell us so many lies-devices. Whether I connect with you as a master or as a friend, it is still for me a question of trust. Osho, my hand, and my whole being, is trembling as I write you my first question since I became your sannyasin. Please make it clear for me once again. I love you.

The first thing that has to be noted is that you are a new sannyasin; you are not acquainted with my ways or the ways of other masters. But your question is significant, and I would like to go deep into it from all possible aspects.

A stone on the path can either be a stopping stone, hindering the path, or it can be a stepping stone, helping you to go higher on the path. The stone is the same, but how you use it all depends on your use.

Gautam Buddha has defined truth as “that which works” - a strange definition, but immensely profound.

The question is not whether something is a lie or not; the question is whether the lie is an arrow pointing towards the truth or away from it. What is the direction of the arrow? For the seeker, the lie that becomes an arrow pointing towards the truth is as valuable as truth itself. And sometimes the reverse can happen: a truth may not lead you to the ultimate truth, it may lead you towards more darkness, more mortality. Then it is not worth choosing.

The Communist Party has nothing to do with devices; it has nothing to do with truth either. Its domain is that of facts, hence it is very easy to say what is factual and what is not factual. But the world the master deals with is not the world of facts.

You have to understand the difference between the fact and the truth: fact belongs to the material world; truth belongs to the transcendental. What is fact today may not be fact tomorrow. You are young today, it is a fact; but tomorrow you will be old, and the fact will no longer be a fact. The truth is always the same - today, tomorrow, for the whole eternity.

It is easy to find out if somebody is saying something against the factual reality; the lie is so apparent and so meaningless. But about the transcendental world, all words are lies. So it is not a question that I lie once in a while - the moment you utter a word about the ultimate you have uttered a lie.

Lao Tzu never wrote in his whole life, not even a single letter. And he was known.it was felt by many, that he had found the treasure and he was not saying anything about it - what a miser! Even the emperor called him and told him, “This is not right. You should say what you have found because it radiates from your being; you come close and we can feel the coolness, the silence, the beauty. You are pregnant with something that is not of this world. Say it, write it, so that those who are groping in the dark can find the way.”

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