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Chapter 28: Truth: The Greatest Surgery

Ananda said, “That I understand, but I am a human being. Although they were not my questions I have heard them; although the answers were not given to me I have heard them. And inside me there is so much trouble - what is the reality? And why should Gautam Buddha go on giving contradictory statements to different people?”

The answer that Buddha gave to Ananda is very important. He said, “The first man has been living in a lie, that there is no God; I had to shatter his lie. Without searching, it is much too egoistic to say that there is no God. And he has not done anything to discover the reality. He had come to me just so that I can support his lie and he can tell people, ‘not only do I say that there is no God, even Gautam Buddha has supported me.’

“And the same was the case with the second man - he was also living a lie. He knows nothing about God. He has simply acquired the belief from the atmosphere, from the society, that God exists and God created the world. I had to destroy his lie.

“The third man was very innocent. He had no lie. He had no belief, this way or that. That’s why I could not answer him through words. I became silent. And he was an authentic seeker. Seeing me closing my eyes, and sitting in silence, he understood this was the answer. He closed his eyes, sat with me for one hour, and in that silence he understood.felt, not a belief, but something real within himself. Although I had not given him the answer, he has received it.”

The man of truth cannot make it pleasant, because the only way to make it pleasant is to make it a lie. Lies are very pleasant; you never deny them. Somebody says, “I love you, you are the most beautiful person I have come across.” You accept it, you never even inquire, “Have you ever met all the people of the world? Otherwise your statement is not true.”

Say to the ugliest woman, “You are a beauty and I have fallen in love with you,” and she will believe you because it is such a pleasure that at least somebody believes you beautiful. She will never doubt the fact, she will never question it. It is so pleasant that any doubt, any question cannot disturb it.

Truth is going to be a very shattering experience; otherwise the people who crucified Jesus were not mad. He was not making his truth pleasant. He was saying it in its utter nudity, in its utter purity, as it is.

And truth can be said only as it is; you cannot edit it, you cannot add something to it, you cannot delete something from it, you cannot distort it. So the people who have been telling pleasant truths are really cowards. They don’t know anything about truth. All that they know are your lies, and they support your lies and it is very consoling.

It is a contract: They will support your lies and make you feel good and consoled, and you will give them great respect, as if they are sages, saints, men of wisdom - it is a mutual agreement. And the more respect you give them, the sweeter they will make their lies. And the sweeter the lies are, the more respect you will give to them.

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