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Chapter 18: Of Old and New Law Tables Part 2

These three thinkers were of immense charismatic influence, so while they were alive they made a great impact on the intelligentsia. But once Buddha was dead, Buddhism disappeared from India completely, absolutely. Indians go on bragging that their country is the land of Gautam Buddha. But nobody pays attention to the fact that the moment Buddha was gone, all his influence disappeared. The old values were back.

Buddha has given the idea of changing life; he has given the idea of being spontaneous, and he has given the idea of being constantly alert - because you never know what you are going to face. He turned the whole table of values. But once he was gone, all his influence disappeared. The whole East is Buddhist except India, which is Buddha’s birthland.

Heraclitus is mentioned in the history of philosophy but is not given the importance that he deserves, because in the West he is the only one who is now supported by all scientific research. Neither Plato, nor Aristotle, nor Descartes, nor Kant, nor Hegel - nobody is supported by modern science.

A very unfamiliar name, Heraclitus.in his own day nobody listened to him. Zarathustra was not listened to at all. It is strange that whenever truth has been spoken nobody has agreed with it.

Lies are very sweet. Lies are very suitable and very comfortable. Truth is uncompromising. You will have to change according to the truth; truth is not going to change according to your convenience. Lies behave in a different way: they are ready to change according to your convenience. That’s why lies have dominated humanity and truth has been crucified.

Lies have been crowned and truth has been sentenced to death.

The situation has not changed even a little bit; it is still the same. Say the truth and you make everybody annoyed with you. Say the truth and you irritate all those people who were very comfortable in their lies. You have disturbed their peace, you have disturbed their sleep, you have disturbed their sweet dreams.

Even after twenty-five centuries man seems to be in the same childish state - no maturity has come. Man has not come of age yet.

Zarathustra’s insight has to be understood, because that is going to be the future religion of man. Science is going to be more and more rooted in man’s consciousness. Up to now we have been able only to use science in discovering the objective world. The day is not very far away when science will start moving and exploring the subjectivity of man - his inner world.

How long can you avoid yourself?

How long can the scientists go on working upon things and forgetting about consciousness? How long can the scientist deny himself, and go on working in the fields of chemistry and physics and biology and geology? Sooner or later he has to think about it. “Who is this consciousness within me? Who am I?,” he is going to ask. It is already late; he should have asked it by now.

And the greatest of the scientists have started feeling uneasy about the fact that they are devoting so much energy to exploring objects, and they are not giving even a small portion of their genius and talents to their own being.

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