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Chapter 5: The Way of Wisdom, the Way of Love

“And the same old lie!” chortled Wise.

It continues that way - the same old lies. Mind lives through lies, mind feeds on lies. Mind cannot encounter truth. All knowledge is of the mind, so all knowledge is bound to be illusory. All knowledge is maya, it is not real. It is a pseudo coin invented by the mind to fill the gap; otherwise you will feel very, very ignorant and stupid, otherwise you will feel you don’t know anything. It will be difficult for you to stand, struggle in life. Mind says, “Forget all about ignorance. Knowledge is possible. It is simple: you just cram in a few facts - labels, names. Get acquainted with more information, accumulate information, go to the library, and become knowledgeable.”

Knowledgeableness is not knowledge, and all your knowledge is nothing but knowledgeableness. You have gathered information from without - from tradition, from the university, from the society, civilization. You say somebody is a Mohammedan, and you say somebody is a Christian, and then you have figured out who he is? Just by calling a man Christian or calling him a communist, have you known him? Have you known anything about him? But you have a feeling that you know now: this man is a communist - dangerous, and this man is a Christian - very good.

This stupid effort to drown your ignorance by a false knowledge is the only barrier between you and reality, between you and the truth. And if you go on with these lies, believing in them, you will never come across truth - these lies won’t allow you. These lies will function as barriers.

I have heard:

Once Mulla Nasruddin lived next to a lunatic asylum. One of his regular afternoon naps on the lawn was rudely interrupted when a beautiful young lady, completely without clothes, came bursting through the hedge, hotly pursued by three interns dressed in white. The old Mulla was just recovering from his astonishment when a fourth intern dashed into view carrying in each hand a heavy pail full of sand.

The Mulla noticed that a considerable gallery was watching from the other side of the hedge, so he called out, “What is the idea of the fourth intern with the pails of sand?”

“That is his handicap,” was the explanation. “He caught her the last time.”

And even when I look at you, I see you with pails of lies - searching for truth. You are never going to catch it; your handicap is going to be too much. It is impossible. You have to drop all handicaps. Your mind is the root cause of all your handicaps - your mind is a deceiver. It creates a magical world, a false world of knowledge.

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