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Chapter 16: Treasures or Dragons

But still people don’t see the basic cause. They think, “This man has deceived me, this woman has deceived me.” It is not a question of this man or this woman. This whole society is living in such a way where the lie has become the way of life. The better you can lie, the more logically you can make your lie appear, the more respected you will be.

Lies bring respect, rewards, Nobel prizes. Truth brings death, crucifixion. So why should people bother about truth?

Jesus would have been perfectly accepted as a rabbi, a respectable person with a great following. There would have been no need to crucify him. But because he started saying things which were against the lies perpetuated for centuries, he himself is asking for crucifixion.

So lies have something. That’s why people go on knowingly with the lies.

I have told this story many times:

A man said to an emperor, “You have conquered the whole world. This is unique. You are the first person to do so, and God is so happy that I can persuade him to bring his clothes for you. And that will be simply without any comparison with what has ever existed or will ever exist again.”

God’s clothes? - the emperor could not believe it, but he thought, “What is the harm in it?” He said, “Remember, if you deceive me death will be the reward for it.”

The man said, “That I know; about that you need not be worried. But much money will be needed to go to heaven, to bribe the whole bureaucracy in heaven, because it is not easy to approach God.”

The king said, “It does not matter how much it costs but you will have to remain in another palace beside this palace surrounded by the army. You cannot go out. Do whatsoever you want to do inside. Everything will be supplied to you; whatever you ask for will be immediately be given to you. Bring the clothes.”

And after seven days, as promised, the man came out with a beautiful box. The whole capital had gathered. People from faraway places had come. The capital had never seen such crowds. God’s clothes? Who would not like to see them?

And the court of the king was full. For the first time everybody was present; the queen was present, the princesses were present. And the man said to the court and to the king, “I have brought the clothes. And for these clothes, the two, three million rupees that you have given is nothing. When you see the clothes you will see they are a thousandfold more costly. In fact you cannot appraise their cost on the earth; they are something that belongs to heaven. They are not found on the earth.”

The king was in a hurry. He said, “Open your box!”

The man said, “The way it must be done has been explained to me. Give me your cap. First, I will put your cap into the box, then I will take out the cap of God and put it on your head. Just one condition has to be remembered by all, that the cap will be seen only by those who are really born of their own father. Those who are not born of their own father will not be able to see it.”

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