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Chapter 16: Treasures or Dragons

So it is a natural system that you forget the past, but nothing is lost; somewhere it is treasured. That’s why it can be remembered. You only forget, it is not dropped out of your existence. It is stored either in the unconscious.mostly in the unconscious, because mostly people don’t experience something which has to be treasured in the superconscious. And any person who has a treasure in the cosmic superconscious is already ready for enlightenment. To go that high, to collect certain memories, means the person is ready to explode into the ultimate celebration.

So both are possible; you just have to see the quality of the memory. If it is ecstatic, meditative, then rejoice in it: it is connecting you with your past lives of meditation, where you stopped because of your death. From there on you can grow. So suddenly you have found a treasure to support you. But if it is only from the unconscious, then just become conscious and it will disappear.

I see that people go on saying that they want the truth - nothing but the truth - and freedom; they want to live in freedom. But when it actually comes down to it, nobody wants to hear the truth or live in freedom. They want to continue to live in lies and possess what they think they have.
I see that in myself, and it is becoming less and less as I am walking the path with you. Why do we want to hold on to the ugly lies of life so much so that we give up our trueness and nature?

There are a few things to be understood.

One is, lies are very comfortable - mostly so when you don’t know the truth. Somebody says to you, “I love you.” He may be lying, he may be lying not knowing that he is lying, because he has been saying the same thing to many people. He does not mean much, but to you, it touches your heart.

Now to know the truth may be disturbing. He may be lying; he may be unconscious, a compulsive liar. The truth may be that he has never loved. That seems to be the situation in the world, that people have never loved, they have only believed that they love; otherwise there cannot be so much misery. Love would have removed all this misery.

Secondly, lies are easy. You don’t have to seek and search and go on for a long pilgrimage. You can invent them. You cannot invent truth, you can only discover it. And people are ordinarily choosing the shortcut. Why go the hard way? And the lie seems to be a very shortcut - you cannot find more of a shortcut. You can invent it at any moment, any lie

But to discover the truth you have to risk your life. You have to go against the whole structure of lies around you. You have to become a lonely traveler, not even certain whether anything like truth exists or not. It needs tremendous courage. Lies don’t need any courage; any coward can do it. All the cowards are doing it: fabricating, manufacturing beautiful lies, decorating them, presenting them to each other. For a moment it looks to be giving happiness, but a lie after all is a lie. Soon you have found it is a dead toy. You have been deceived, hence the misery.

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