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Chapter 5: Freedom and Love: The Center and the Circumference

The first question:

Thank you so much for your teachings. I am very grateful. I came here very hungry and you are feeding me.
My question is: I have been raised to believe that commitment is absolutely necessary if a relationship is to work. How can two people be committed to each other? How does a relationship work?
I am afraid of commitment, so I avoid relationships. What is really necessary in a loving relationship?

The first thing to understand is that I have no teachings. I am not teaching you anything at all, because teaching simply means conditioning your mind - in other words, programming you in a certain way. What I am doing here is just the opposite of teaching you: creating a space where you can unlearn whatsoever you have been taught up to now. I am not a teacher.

That’s the difference between a teacher and a master. The teacher teaches, the master helps you to undo whatsoever the teachers have done. The function of the master is just the opposite of the teacher.

The teacher serves the society, the establishment; he is the agent of the past. He works for the older generation. He tries to condition the minds of the new generation so they can be subservient, obedient to the past, to all that is old - to their parents, to the society, to the state, to the church. The function of the teacher is anti-revolutionary, it is reactionary.

The master is basically a rebel. He is not in the service of the past, he is not an agent of all that you can think of as the establishment - religious, political, social, economic. His whole effort is to help you to discover your individuality. It has nothing to do with tradition, convention. You have to go within, not backwards. He is not in any way interested in forcing you into a certain pattern; he makes you free.

So what I am doing here is not a teaching - that is a misunderstanding on your part. But it happens because you have lived with teachers, all kinds of teachers. It is rare to come across a master, because society does not allow the master to happen. The society is very afraid of the master, otherwise why did society poison Socrates? For what? He is the master par excellence, has never been surpassed by any other. His crime was that he was a master, and the society wanted him to be a teacher. He was helping people to discover the truth. And society is not interested in discovering the truth. It is interested in covering it more and more, because it lives through lies - it calls them beliefs.

All beliefs are lies; howsoever beautifully presented, they are lies. Truth cannot be given by one person to another, only lies can be transferred, they are transferable. Truth is nontransferable.

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