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Chapter 34: Out of The Mind - Below or Beyond

Your outstretched hands ever-patiently wait beside my open cage door, beckoning. But time and time again, I return to my cage shouting, “Freedom, freedom!” Having a taste here and there of the vastness of the unknown, why do I return to my lesser home? Your beckoning eyes, your inviting hands pull so strongly at my heart, and yet I resist. Beloved Osho, which is it I am more afraid of - life or death?

The old man, the way he has existed for centuries, is afraid of life, not afraid of death. Death he worships, life he renounces.

All the religions that have prevailed in the world have been life-negative; they have continuously hammered the thought into your mind that to love life is something wrong; to love life is for sinners, to hate life is for saints. All their disciplines are managed and planned in such a way that they destroy your life; they destroy your joy of life, they destroy your longing for more and more life.

Rather than helping you to live more aesthetically, more artistically, more beautifully, more blissfully, they condemn life so much in so many ways that your whole longing for life is poisoned. And in a very indirect way, they all teach you to worship death. What is renunciation of life if not the worshipping of death? They are afraid of life because life seems to be against their religions. A man who loves life will not bother at all about temples, and mosques, and churches; life is enough unto itself.

One who has known life in its depths and in its heights will not bother at all whether God exists or not because he has already known something more real, something more certain than any God has ever been.

All gods are hypothetical.

Only life is the real God.

Naturally, the priests are worried that you should not get too much involved with the mysteries of life, because if you are too much involved with the mysteries of life.who is going to be a Christian, or a Hindu, or a Mohammedan, or a Buddhist? Who is going to worship dead gods, dead saints? Who is going to listen to the priests?

One who has heard the song of life itself, one who has lived intensely and totally the music of life itself, who has danced it, is not going to be concerned about belief systems - he has no need. And there are only two ugliest professions in the world.one is that of the prostitutes and the other is that of the priests.

Of course, the profession of the priests is far worse because the prostitutes only sell their bodies, they don’t sell their souls. And they don’t interfere with anybody else’s freedom, they don’t destroy your joy; on the contrary, they in some way enhance it, intensify it, make it more aflame. It is the priest who sells gods, and who enslaves man, and who interferes in everybody’s life - his freedom, his individuality.

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