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Chapter 8: The Irrational Rationalist

If you are really a rationalist you will have to commit suicide. A real rationalist person cannot live. Why? For what? I would like to ask Dr. Kovoor why he is living at all. There is no God, there is no soul, there is no meaning, there is no love, there is no poetry; why do you go on dragging yourself? For what? Why are you burdening the earth?

In the same interview, to which I am coming, the reporter asks, “Dr. Kovoor, you are against the godmen and you are against religion. Your life must be in danger. Have you ever been threatened?” And he says, “No, I have never been threatened, but I always take precautions.” For what? If you die nothing dies, because in the first place there was no soul. If you die nothing is lost. You were just a coincidence, an accident. If Dr. Kovoor dies, nothing dies.

With God, all values disappear, all beauty, all ecstasy, all love, all significance. Why are you taking precautions, for what?

He says, “I don’t believe in any existence after death.” Have you known death? Have you experienced death? Without experiencing death, how can you say that there is no existence beyond death? This is not very rational. This is very childish. This is very mediocre, not even intelligent. Unless you have passed through death, how can you assert that there is no life beyond death? You can only say, “I don’t know.” You cannot say, “I know there is no life.”

And if there is no life after death, how can there be life before death? If there is no life after death, then there was no life before birth. There is no life before birth, there is no life after death; just suddenly between birth and death life exists? - out of nothing, out of the blue? This is not very rational. For something to exist, there has to be a continuity.

The Pune river exists. You cannot say, “Before it enters Pune it is not; after it leaves Pune it is not. It just exists in Pune, suddenly.” You will be thought to be a madman. If the river enters Pune, it must have existed before Pune; otherwise from where will it enter Pune? If it leaves Pune, it must go somewhere.

The existential remains existential. There is no existence coming out of nonexistence, and existence cannot go into nonexistence. You can ask the physicists. They have not yet been able to destroy a single atom. You cannot destroy anything - and you cannot create anything either. You cannot destroy a grain of sand. Science has progressed so far, so much, but we are incapable of creating a single grain of sand or of destroying a single grain of sand. You can grind it, you can change the form, but it will remain in another form. Only the form changes; life goes on.

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