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Chapter 3: Meditation Requires Courage

Abandon yesterday, abandon tomorrow, abandon today. Buddha says: Abandon time - past, future, present, abandon everything. Forget about time; that’s the way to enter into a timeless space within yourself. That is meditation. Cross over to the farther shore, beyond life and death.

Do your thoughts trouble you?

If they trouble you, then something immediately is needed. If your thoughts trouble you that means you have not yet been able to disidentify yourself from your mind.

Does passion disturb you?

If it disturbs you that means you are still identified with the body. You think, “I am the body,” then passion disturbs you. If you think, “I am the mind,” then thoughts disturb you.

Beware of thirstiness..

This word thirstiness is a translation of a Buddhist word tanha. Tanha has many more dimensions than thirstiness; thirstiness is a literal translation. Tanha means desire, desire for more, unending desire, endless desire. The more you get, the more you want. It is like throwing fuel in a fire. That is called tanha, and tanha is the root cause of your misery.

Beware of thirstiness lest your wishes become desires.. Beware, because desires don’t arise suddenly. First they are just wishes, then slowly they condense and become desires. And once they become desires it is more difficult to become aware; you can become aware more easily when they are just wishes. Destroy the seed rather than wait for the whole tree to grow and then to cut it; it will be unnecessary work.

.Lest your wishes become desires
and desire binds you.

Desire is our imprisonment. The man who wants nothing, who is absolutely contented as he is, is free of all bondage. He has attained to ultimate freedom, nirvana - and that is the goal of life. And it is only by attaining that freedom that you will know the significance of being, the song of being, the celebration of being. Your life will become a continuous bliss, and not only that you will be blissful, you will be able to bless others too. The whole existence will be blessed by you, by your very presence.

Enough for today.