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Chapter 5: Dissolving the Five Afflictions

It is not fear of a death somewhere in the future coming and destroying you. It is happening every moment. Life is moving and you are absolutely incapable and closed. You are already dying. The day you were born you started dying. Every moment of life is also a moment of death. The fear is not of some unknown death which is waiting in the future, the fear is right now. Life is flowing out of the hands and you seem to be incapable, you cannot do anything. Fear of death is basically a fear of life which is flowing out of your hands.

Then afraid, you cling to life. But clinging can never become a celebration. Clinging is ugly, clinging is violent. The more you cling to life, the more you will become incapable.

For example: you love a woman, you cling to her. The more you cling, the more you will force the woman to escape from you because your clinging will become a burden on her. The more you try to possess her, the more she will think of how to get free, how to escape from you. And I tell you, life is a woman; don’t cling to it. It follows those who don’t cling to it. It comes in abundance to those who don’t cling to it. If you cling, the very clinging puts life off, your beggarliness puts life off.

Be an emperor, be a sovereign. Live life but don’t cling to it, don’t cling to anything. Clinging makes you ugly and violent. Clinging makes you a beggar and life is for those who are emperors, not for those who are beggars. If you beg you will not get anything. Life gives much to those who never beg. Life becomes a constant blessing for those who remain unclinging to it. Live it, enjoy it, celebrate it, but don’t be miserly, don’t cling to it. This clinging to life gives you the fear of death because the more you cling, the more you see that the life is not there - it is going, it is going, it is going. Then the fear of death arises.

Flowing through life is the fear of death, the clinging to life, and it is dominant in all, even the learned.

Because your learned are just as foolish as you are. The learned have not learned anything. In fact, they have memorized things. Great scholars, pundits, they know much about life, but they don’t know life. They always know about and about. They move round and round, never penetrating to the center. They are as afraid or sometimes even more afraid than you because they have wasted their lives in words. Words are just bubbles. They have accumulated much knowledge, but what is knowledge compared to life?

You can know many things about love without knowing love. In fact, if you know love, what is the need to know about love? You can know many things about God without knowing God. In fact, if you know God, what is the need to know about God? - that will be foolish, stupid. Always remember that knowing about is not knowing. Knowing about is just moving in a circle, never touching the center.

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