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Chapter 5: Life and Death

Wherever I look I see the thrill of life, the pulse of life. Everything is throbbing with life. Even the tiniest atom vibrates with the love of life. All around you the dance of life goes on; everywhere the symphony of existence is playing. Even if you can neither see it nor hear it, the delightful, exhilarating rhythm of life is there.

Isn’t this life we see around us God himself? Any God that is aloof from life, that is apart from life, is dead, unreal. Life is the only truth.

God does not indulge himself in the play of creation sitting somewhere far off in the distance. Life is one perpetual process of evolution, and this continuing creation of life is God himself.

Even for life’s longest journey you only need the courage to take one step. No one can take more than one step at a time. Even a journey of thousands and thousands of miles begins with one step and ends with one step.

Life is here, now, today. Tomorrow is far off. Tomorrow is infinitely far away. And that is why it never comes. Live today. The man who really lives always lives today. Today is life and tomorrow is death. If you want to live, then live today - but if you only want to die, then you will find tomorrow very useful.

You only live life when you touch your ultimate depths. Otherwise, you simply exist. The difference between just existing and living life is as great as the difference between living and dying.

I wish everyone would live as if the eyes of the world were upon him. Whether we know it or not, nothing is hidden, no matter how deep it may be. No man can ever really be aloof or apart from the whole. The echo of everything that arises in him reaches everyone else. His life is part and parcel of the life that flows around him.

I love beauty - the beauty that lies deep beneath the body. The body, with its beautiful thoughts and its beautiful sensations, is only the protective frontier, but there is also the deep and perfect beauty of inner emptiness, free of thought, free of sensation. So do not stop at the body. Stopping is death. Wade through the deep water. You will only find pebbles and shells on the shore. You have to go far out to sea to dive for pearls.

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