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Chapter 13: Penetrating the Hearts of Men

The seventh sutra:

Regard earnestly all the life that surrounds you.

Regard the constantly changing and moving life which surrounds you, for it is formed by the hearts of men; and as you learn to understand their constitution and meaning, you will by degrees be able to read the larger word of life.

Reverence for life, regard for life. Ordinarily, the so-called religious are life-negative. They are against life. Look at their faces, look at their eyes: they are condemning everything. This negativity has created a denial of life all over the earth. Religion became - or appeared to become - an ally of death, not a friend of life. It appears that religion is against life because it constantly goes on telling you “Leave life, transcend it. Move to some other life which is beyond.”

God seems to be against you being in life. Life has been taken as a punishment: “You are here because you sinned. You would not be here if there was no sin in your life.” But this whole attitude is ill, pathological. Really, the divine and this life are not two things. Rather, they are an extension of one phenomenon.

Here and there, this and the beyond are not two things. Really this here, this life is a step toward the beyond and if you deny it, you will not reach the other. You cannot go beyond. To go beyond, no denial is needed.

To go beyond, a deep insight into life is needed. How can you create a deep insight into life? Unless you have reverence for life it is impossible. Revere life wherever you find it, help it to grow. Be creative toward it, don’t be destructive.

But we are destructive in many ways. Look around you: everything that is deeply connected to life is condemned. Sex is condemned, love is condemned, because they are the source of life.

A person who is religious must be a monk, a celibate. Why? Why should a seeker of the divine be a celibate? What is the need? Why is there so much propaganda against sex, against love, against life? - it is because sex seems to be the source of this world; it seems to be the original energy that moves this world. Those who are against the world are bound to be against sex. “Cut out sex completely from your life!” - that is their teaching. But if you cut out sex, you cut off all of life. If you are against sex, you cannot revere life. You have gone against life itself.

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