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Chapter 7: Death and Discipline

Man seems to be continuously obsessed with the body of the woman - whether they are playboys or mahatmas makes no difference.

But why? It always happens: whenever a society suppresses sex it expresses death; whenever a society suppresses death it becomes expressive about sex. Because death and sex are the two polarities of life. Sex means life, because life arises out of it. Life is a sexual phenomenon - and death is the end of it.

And if you think about both together, there seems to be a contradiction; you cannot reconcile sex and death. How to reconcile it? It is easier to forget one and remember the other. If you remember both it will be very difficult for your mind to manage how they exist together - and they do exist together, they do cohere together. They are not in fact two, but the same energy in two states: active and inactive, yin and yang.

Have you watched it? While making love to a woman there comes a moment of orgasm where you become afraid, fearful, you start trembling; because at the highest peak of orgasm death and life both exist together. You experience life at its peak, and you also experience death at its depth. The peak and the depth both available at one moment - that’s the fear of orgasm. People desire it because it is life, and people avoid it because it is death. They desire it because it is one of the most beautiful moments, ecstatic, and they want to escape from it because it is one of the most dangerous moments also: because death opens its mouth in it.

A man of awareness will become immediately aware that death and sex are one energy: and a total culture, a whole culture, a holy culture, will accept both. It will not be lopsided; it will not move to one extreme and avoid the other. Each moment you are both life and death. To understand this is to transcend duality. The whole effort of yoga is: how to transcend.

Yam is meaningful because when a person becomes aware of death, only then, a life of self-discipline is possible. If you are only aware of sex. Life, and you have been avoiding death, escaping from it, closing your eyes to it, keeping it always at the back, throwing it into the unconscious, then you will not create a life of self-discipline. For what? Then your life will be a life of indulgence - eat, drink. be merry. Nothing is wrong in it, but, in itself, this is not the whole picture. This is just a part, and when you take the part as the whole, you miss - you miss tremendously.

Animals are there without any awareness of death: that’s why no possibility for Patanjali to teach animals. No possibility because no animal will be ready for self-discipline. The animal will ask, “For what?” There is life only, there is no death, because the animal is not aware that he is going to die. If you become aware that you are going to die, then immediately you start rethinking about life. Then you would like the death to be absorbed in life.

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