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Chapter 4: The Drunken Dancer

Whatsoever you know about “God” is through “tolds” - the parents, the society, the culture. It is your conditioning. And now you have got a concept about God and you are trying to understand that word. “God” is not a word. The word God is not God. The word is simply a word, in itself empty and meaningless.

If you really want to know what God is, you will have to drop the word and move into feeling. You will have to drop the mind and move into no-mind. Love will bring you closer to it than thinking.

And when I say “Life is God,” I am saying that if you want, you can experience God but you cannot understand. Life cannot be understood. You can live it - that is the only understanding there is. But you are worried: you say that you understand that - but what is “God”? If you understand that, if you understand what life is, you will never ask what God is. In that very understanding, the problem of “God” is solved.

A man who has lived life in its totality has understood all that is there to understand. He will be full of godliness. He has given enough of “God” to himself and there will be no problem of understanding.

You have not given anything of life to yourself. Empty you live; hiding in a cocoon you live; blind, deaf, you live; dead you live. You have not given any life at all to your being - and there is the flavor, there is the taste of what “God” is. You have to eat out of life. You have to drink out of life. You have to live, merge into it.

But the mind is cunning; it goes on thinking about “God.” Thinking is a very secure situation. You never go out of yourself. You go on playing with words. If you are too interested in the word, if you want to know what the word God means.it doesn’t mean “God.” If you are only interested in the linguistic symbol God then you can ask the linguists; don’t come to me. They say that God is derived from a word ghu-to. That ghu-to means “the called one,” nothing else.

If you call life, it becomes God - the called one. If you provoke life, it becomes God. “God” is a certain situation in life when you provoke it, when you open to it, when you are in a deep dialogue with it. When you look at the sky and you say, “Father, who art in heaven.” you have called life. Now life is no longer just life - it has become the called one, the provoked one. The word God simply means that.

In deep love, someday one cries, one starts uttering words - a dialogue arises. Life is no longer “it”; it becomes a “thou.” That is the meaning of the word God. If life becomes your beloved, if life becomes a thou and you are in deep relationship with it, suddenly life has become God.

“God” is a deep communion with life.

If you are just trying to understand the word.. Yes, there is a need to use a different word - God - rather than just calling it “life” - life-provoked, called life in deep relationship.

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