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Chapter 8: Not Knowing Is the Most Intimate

While questioning a suspect, the police detective leafed through the man’s folder. “I see here,” he said, “that you have a string of previous arrests. Here is one for armed robbery, breaking and entering, sexual assault, sexual assault, sexual assault..”

“Yes, sir,” replied the felon modestly, “it took me a little while to find out what I do best.”

Pankaja, you came to me in the right time. Rejoice! Celebrate! And things have started happening. You were like a hard rock when you came; now you are becoming soft like a flower. The spring is not far away.

The fourth question

Most religions have a negative attitude towards work, as if it is a punishment and a labor and not at all spiritual. Could you speak to us more about working?

The buddhas have always been life-affirmative, but the religions that arose afterwards have all been life-negative. This is a strange phenomenon, but there is something which has to be understood - why it happened in the first place. And it happened again and again.

It seems that the moment a buddha speaks he is bound to be misunderstood. If you don’t understand him, that’s okay, but people don’t stop there: they misunderstand him - because people cannot tolerate the idea that they don’t understand. It is better to misunderstand than not to understand; at least you have some kind of understanding. All the buddhas have been misunderstood, wrongly interpreted. And whatsoever they were standing for has been forgotten as soon as they were gone, and just the opposite was organized.

Jesus was a lover of life, a very affirmative person, but Christianity is life-negative. The seers of the Upanishads were absolutely life-affirmative people, they loved life tremendously, but Hinduism is life-negative, Buddhism and Jainism are life-negative.

Just look at the statue of Mahavira and you will see that he must have loved his body, he must have loved life and existence. He is so beautiful! It is said about Mahavira that it is possible that never before and never again has a more beautiful person walked on the earth. But look at the Jaina munis, the Jaina monks, and you will find them the ugliest. What has happened?

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