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Chapter 4: Miracles Don’t Happen

From the very beginning every child has been misinformed and misformed, has been misdirected, misguided. Not knowingly, because the parents are also in the same trap; they have been misguided. For example, if a child is too energetic, the family feels uncomfortable because a too energetic child is a revolution in the home. Nothing is safe, nothing at all is safe. The energetic child will destroy everything. He has to be stopped. His energy has to be blocked, his life has to be diminished. He has to be condemned, punished, and only rewarded when he behaves. And what do you expect? You expect him to be almost an old man - not doing any harm to anything that you think is very precious. Just to save a clock you destroy the child, or to save your crockery you destroy the child, or to save your furniture; otherwise it will be scratched from this end to that. You destroy a newly arrived being, a gift from existence. You go on scratching the being of the child just to save the furniture from being scratched.

By and by the child is forced to follow you because he is helpless. He depends on you; his survival depends on you. Just to survive, he accepts to be dead. Just to survive.because you give him food and milk and care. Where will he go if you are so much against him? By and by he goes on selling his being to you. Whatsoever you say, by and by he accepts. Your rewards and your punishments are the way.how you misguide him.

By and by he trusts you more than his own inner voice because he knows his inner voice always leads him into trouble. His inner voice has always proved to bring punishment, so punishment and his inner voice become associated. And whenever he does not listen to the inner voice and simply follows you blindly, he is rewarded. Whenever he is himself he is punished; whenever he is not himself he is rewarded. The logic is clear.

By and by you distract him from his own life. By and by he forgets what his inner voice is. If you don’t hear it for a long time, you cannot hear it.

Close your eyes any moment: you will hear the voice of your father, your mother, your peers, teachers, and you will never hear your voice. Many people come to me and they say, “You talk about the inner voice; we never hear it.” There is a crowd. When Jesus says hate your father and mother he is not actually saying to hate your father and mother. He is saying hate the father and the mother which have become consciences within you. Hate: because that is the most ugly agreement you have made - a suicidal contract. Hate: destroy those voices, so that your voice can be freed and liberated, so that you can feel who you are and what you want to be.

In the beginning, of course, you will feel completely lost. That’s what happens in meditation. Many people come to me and they say, “We had come to find a path. On the contrary, meditations have made it feel completely lost.” It’s a good indication. It shows that the grip of others is loosening. That’s why you feel lost, because those voices of the others were giving you guidance, and you had started to believe in them. You have believed in them for so long that they have become your guides. Now, when you meditate, those voices are destructured. You are freed from the trap. Again you become a child, and you don’t know where to go, because all the guides have disappeared. The voice of the father is not there, the voice of the mother is not there, the teacher is not there, the school is not there; suddenly you are alone. One starts feeling scared - “Where are my guides? Where are people who were always leading me to the right path?”

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