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Chapter 4: Selfishness: The Only Unselfishness

An unselfish person is uprooted, uncentered. He is in deep neurosis. He is against nature; he cannot be healthy and whole. He is fighting against the current of life, being, existence: he is trying to be unselfish. He cannot be unselfish - because only a selfish person can be unselfish. When you have happiness you can share it; when you don’t have, how can you share it? To share, in the first place one must have it. An unselfish person is always serious, deep down ill, in anguish. He has missed his own life.

And remember, whenever you miss your life you become murderous, suicidal. Whenever a person lives in misery, he would like to destroy. Misery is destructive; happiness creative. There is only one creativity, and that is of blissfulness, cheerfulness, delight. When you are delighted you want to create something, maybe a toy for children, maybe a poem, maybe a painting - something. Whenever you are too delighted in life, how to express it? You create something - something or other. But when you are miserable you want to crush and destroy something. You would like to become a politician, you would like to become a soldier - you would like to create some situation in which you can be destructive.

That’s why every now and then war erupts somewhere on the earth. It is a great disease. And all politicians go on talking about peace. They prepare for war; they talk for peace. In fact they say, “We are preparing for war to preserve peace.” Most irrational. If you are preparing for war, how can you preserve peace? To preserve peace one should prepare for peace.

That’s why the new generation all over the world is a great danger to the establishment. They are interested only in being happy. They are interested in love, they are interested in meditation, they are interested in music, dance.. Politicians have become very alert all over the world. The new generation is not interested in politics - rightist or leftist. No, they are not interested at all. They are not communists; they don’t belong to any “ism.”

A happy person belongs to himself. Why should he belong to any organization? That is the way of an unhappy person: to belong to some organization, to belong to some crowd. Because he has no roots within himself, he does not belong - and that gives him a very, very deep anxiety: he should belong. He creates a substitute belonging. He goes and becomes part of a political party, of a revolutionary party, or anything - a religion. Now he feels he belongs: a crowd is there in which he is rooted.

One should be rooted in oneself because the way from oneself moves deep down to God, to existence. If you belong to a crowd you belong to an impasse; from there no further growth is possible. There comes the end, a cul-de-sac.

But politicians depend on your sacrifice. They don’t want you to be happy; they don’t want your smiles, your laughter. They want you to be miserable, so miserable that you become destructive, angry, in a rage. Then you can be used; for their ends you can be used. They teach you to be unselfish, they teach you to be martyrs, they teach you, “Sacrifice your life for others” - and they are teaching the same thing to others also. It seems a big, foolish, game.

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