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Chapter 1: The Language of the Golden Future

People are so much engaged in warfare with themselves. They don’t have energy, and they don’t have time to do anything else except fight with themselves. Their sensuality they have to fight, their sexuality they have to fight, their individuality they have to fight, their originality they have to fight. And they have to fight for something which they don’t want to be, which is not part of their nature, which is not their destiny. So they can pretend to be false for a time - again the real asserts.

Their whole life goes on, up and down, and they cannot figure out who really they are: the repressor or the repressed? the oppressor or the oppressed? And whatever they do, they cannot destroy their nature. They can certainly poison it; they can certainly destroy its joy, they can destroy its dance, they can destroy its love. They can make their life a mess, but they cannot destroy their nature completely. And they cannot throw away their personality, because their personality carries their forefathers, their parents, their teachers, their priests, their whole past. It is their heritage; they cling to it.

My whole teaching is, don’t cling to personality. It is not yours, and it is never going to be yours. Allow your nature full freedom. And respect yourself, be proud of being yourself, whatever you are. Have some dignity! Don’t be destroyed by the dead.

People who have been dead for thousands of years are sitting on your head. They are your personality - and you want to improve on them? So call a few more dead! Graves have to be searched for.bring out more skeletons, surround yourself with all kinds of skeletons. You will be respected by the society. You will be honored, rewarded; you will have great prestige, you will be thought to be a saint. But living with the dead, surrounded by the dead, you will not be able to laugh - it will be so out of place - you will not be able to dance, you will not be able to sing, you will not be able to love.

Personality is a dead thing. Drop it! - in a single blow, not in fragments, not slowly, today a little bit and then tomorrow a little bit, because life is short and tomorrow is not certain.

The false is false. Discard it totally!

Every real human being has to be a rebel.rebel against whom? - against his own personality.

The Japanese-American was a long-time customer at this Greek restaurant, because he had discovered that they made specially tasty fried rice. Each evening he would come in the restaurant, and he would order “flied lice.” This always caused the Greek restaurant owner to nearly roll on the floor with laughter. Sometimes he would have two or three friends stand nearby just to hear the Japanese customer order his “flied lice.”

Eventually the customer’s pride was so hurt that he took a special diction lesson just to be able to say “fried rice” correctly. The next time he went to the restaurant he said very plainly, “Fried rice, please.”

Unable to believe his ears, the Greek restaurant owner said, “Sir, would you repeat that?”

The Japanese-American replied, “You heard what I said, you flucking Gleek!”

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