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Chapter 5: The White Flame of Life

But it is all dream. Life is dream, death is dream, God is dream. All is dream. Just one thing is not a dream - that is the consciousness upon which this dream happens, to which this dream happens.

You go to a movie and you see a dream projected on the screen. The screen is empty and there is nothing - just light and shadow. But you get involved, you get very much involved. You sometimes cry, sometimes your heart starts palpitating. Sometimes you laugh, sometimes you become very tense, sometimes you relax. You move with the story, you become part of the story. And you know - that tacit knowing is there, that it is all a dream. But still you go on forgetting. You again and again forget - in fact you call that film the best in which you completely forget that it is just a film. The best film is that which does not allow you any remembrance that it is unreal. The best story-writer, the best story-teller, is one whose story, when he is telling it, becomes real - you start living it.

The movie moves you. It moves your emotions, you become involved. Tears flow, laughter comes, you become affected. It is no more unreal - otherwise how are you affected? If it was unreal, you would not be crying. You have forgotten the truth, that it is a projection.

This forgetfulness is what we call life. You have paid for this film - to see something unreal becoming real. And there are people who will pay even to see a very horrible tragedy, who will go to see a horrible story which will be just a torture and nothing else. And they pay for it, and they are affected by it. They live in hell for three hours. And they say the story was beautiful, it was tremendously real. In the same proportion as they are affected by it, it becomes real. If you are not affected by it at all, it remains unreal.

When you are affected, what happens? You are no more a spectator, you have become part of it. People start getting identified with the actors. Next time you go to a movie, just see - you must have become identified with somebody. Now his success is your success, his failure is your failure. His love is your love, his tragedy is your tragedy. When he laughs you laugh, when he cries you cry - you become identified with some part of the movie. It becomes your story. For a few moments you drop out of your life and you become part of the life of these strange people who are moving on the screen.

After three hours, when you are coming back home, suddenly you remember it was all just a story - you need not be worried about it. You need not carry the worry to your home, you need not disturb your sleep. You start laughing again - you are getting out of it. But these three hours while you were inside the movie house, you were not only inside the movie-house, you were inside the movie. You had become part of it. You were not a spectator, you had become a participant.

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