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Chapter 9: Let-go Is My Only Approach

Please don’t take sannyas. Wait. This is not the right time. If it is not really coming from your heart then don’t force it upon yourself; it will be something imposed and ugly. Anything imposed becomes ugly, even sannyas. It will be plastic, it will not be real, it will not be alive. There is no need. If it happens spontaneously without any feeling of pressure, only then; otherwise it will create trouble for you, and I am not here to create unnecessary trouble for you. Once you are a sannyasin there are many, many necessary troubles, so avoid unnecessary troubles as far as possible because there are too many necessary ones.

And never do anything for wrong reasons - because so many people are taking sannyas, because your friends have taken sannyas, “There must be something in it - why so many people are attracted.” These are all wrong reasons.

Murphy says: Nothing is ever done for the right reasons.

He is right in almost ninety-nine point nine percent cases: nothing is ever done for the right reasons. People go on doing things for wrong reasons and then they complain that their life is miserable. It is bound to be so. They are responsible for it, nobody else is responsible for it.

Do things only for the right reasons. And the right reasons always come from your heart, not from your head.

Murphy also says: No matter where you go, there you are.

So how is it going to help? You may become a sannyasin, Helga, you may wear orange, but there you are underneath the orange clothes, behind a new name. Everything will be old, just the label will be changed. By changing the label you don’t go through a revolution, you are not reborn. And unless you are reborn you cannot be a sannyasin.

Wait. This is not the right time. And never be in a hurry about such important matters. It is a question of life and death - in fact far more important than life and death because it can take you beyond life and death. That’s the whole alchemy of sannyas, to take you beyond life and death. It is far more important than anything else, so one should not be in a hurry. Don’t be impatient.

In these five weeks just be here, meditate, do a few groups, watch sannyasins, then go back home. Don’t create this anxiety in your mind: “To be or not to be.” otherwise your five weeks will be wasted. You will not be able to participate in anything totally because your constant worry will be: “When am I going to take sannyas?” If you don’t take sannyas you will feel you are missing; if you do you will think you have done something which was not coming out of your heart. Either way you will be a loser.

There is a season, a right season, when things easily happen, when you need not do them, when they simply happen; you are only a witness that they are happening. Just as the snake leaves the old skin one day, slips out of it - it did not make the decision; the time had come. One day the child is born out of the womb; nine months are over. It is not a decision on the child’s part that “Now is the time for me to be born.” Spring comes, and flowers and flowers.the whole earth rejoices.

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