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Chapter 5: To Be One Again

Transformation is conceivable only because you are me, I am you; we interpenetrate. Can you think of yourself as separate even for a single moment? You cannot even imagine yourself as separate. The flower cannot be separated from the tree; the moment it is separated it dies. The tree cannot be separated from the earth, the earth cannot be separated from the sun, the sun cannot be separated from other stars, and so on and so forth. You separate the leaf and the leaf dies. You separate the flower, the flower dies. You separate the tree from the earth, the tree dies. You separate the earth from the sun and the earth dies.

Death means separation; life means no separation. Hence the ego is bound to die because that is your idea of separation. To think of oneself in terms of ego is the only cause of death - because the ego is already dead. You can go on flogging the dead horse, but for how long? It is going to die. It is already dead, that’s why it is going to die. That which is alive in you cannot die - life is eternal. But life is not yours, you cannot possess it. Life belongs to all. Life has a vastness, infinity. Death is tiny, death is individual; life is universal. So when you live you are part of the universe, and when you die you die only because you think you are separate. The more you feel part of the whole, the more life you will have.

Jesus says, “Come to me and I will give you life abundant.” What is the secret of life abundant? The secret is: die as the ego, disappear as a separate entity, and the whole universe and all that it contains is yours. Stop possessing and all is yours. Possess, and you are tiny and limited, and you are going to die. The secret of becoming more alive consists of a single phenomenon of dropping the idea of separation. And whenever it happens, you feel life becoming aflame in you. Even if it happens in small measures..

If you fall in love with somebody, life is aflame in you. And it is not that much has happened - just two persons are feeling one. Learn the lesson from love: just two persons feeling one, and what joy and what ecstasy! Think, if you fall in love with the whole then how much ecstasy and how much joy is going to happen. That is life abundant, life infinite.

Separate yourself.. There are a few people who live so egoistically that they cannot love; they are the most miserable people in the world. My definition of hell is: to live in separation is hell. To live in non-separation is heaven, to disappear completely, utterly into the whole is moksha, nirvana - it is ultimate freedom.

The second thing to be understood: that life is polar. That is also very fundamental to the Taoist approach. But the polarity is not that of opposition. The polarity means that the opposites are complementary to each other, they support each other. Life cannot exist without death, hence death is not the enemy. How can death be the enemy of life if life cannot exist without it? It has to be the friend: it prepares the ground for life, it helps life, it provokes life, it challenges life.

Just think: if your body were going to live for eternity, you would not live at all, because you would have an infinity to postpone everything. “Why love today if there is tomorrow? And if tomorrow is infinite, then why bother? Why dance today? We will see tomorrow.” Just imagine: if your bodily life were going to be eternal, your postponement would become eternal.

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