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Chapter 5: In the Blink of an Eye

Just as the atom was once unknown.and now we have gone hundreds of years ahead of Albert Einstein. Now we are able not only to divide the atom, we can divide the divisions of the atom. Those divisions of the atom carry even bigger power sources, condensed.

The same is true about the moment of time. It contains all past and all future.and of course, the present.

So the man who is meditating forgets all the past, drops all longings for the future. It is enough to know the present. By knowing it, by entering into its complexities, you will know the whole universe. And when you reach to your life source.that too is atomic, an individual life source. But it has to be connected with the universe in some way; otherwise you cannot live. So once you find your life source, you have found the way. Just in the blink of an eye, you are on the other shore. You have entered into the universal existence.

Zen is perhaps the only scientific approach to religious experience.

We value the great spirit of a hero only in those concerned. Before any signs become distinct, before any illustration is evident, concentrate fiercely, looking, looking, coming or going, till your effort is completely ripe.

All is hidden in the looking, in the watching; in seeing so fiercely that your whole energy is concentrated. Then existence cannot remain a mystery to you. In that concentration you become ripe, and you deserve that all the mysteries be open to you. In the moment of a thought you attain union - just in a moment.

Once you have reached your life source, then it is only a question of a moment, the blink of an eye, and you have found the union with existence.

The mind of birth and death is destroyed and suddenly you clearly see your original appearance, the scene of your native land; each particular distinctly clear. You then see and hear just as the buddhas did, know and act as the enlightened ancestors did.

Knowing the source of your life, and taking a quantum leap in the blink of an eye to the other shore, is the union with the whole, the cosmos. After this union you behave like a buddha. You cannot do otherwise. Your actions, your gestures, your words or your silences, your movement or your no-movement, will have the same quality as that of any buddha. All buddhas participate in the same cosmic source.

Zen is not in search of any God. Its search can be said to be union - the union with the whole. And the union makes you all that is, has been, will be. Nothing is left out of the whole, and you become one with it.

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