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Chapter 34: Out of The Mind - Below or Beyond

He can not tolerate seeing anybody happy, because the person who is happy is not going to be his customer; his business is dependent on your misery. The more miserable you are, the more you will seek the advice of the priest, the more you will worship statues, the more you will look beyond life for some consolation. This life is full of suffering. You have to believe in a life other than this life just to bear it, just to tolerate it; otherwise, it will become impossible even for a single moment for any intelligent man.

The priests have left only one thing, and that is suicide. They have destroyed everything that life is capable of, and they have poisoned your minds so deeply that even if you try to enjoy something.you want to dance, but you find that some invisible chains are preventing your feet; you want to sing, but you find some invisible hands are choking your voice; you want to love, but you suddenly hear some voice coming from within your own mind that you are going to commit a sin, it is against God and against all the holy scriptures.

Your question is of tremendous importance. You are asking, “Which is it I’m more afraid of: life or death?”

Nobody is afraid of death.

It may seem unbelievable, but I repeat that nobody is afraid of death, because you cannot be afraid of something you don’t know. You cannot be afraid of something with which you are not acquainted - what do you know about death? How can you be afraid of the unknown?

It is the known that creates fear. It is the miserable life that you have lived today, that you are afraid you may have to live tomorrow again. You know it; you have been living it year after year, hoping that some miracle will happen, and tomorrow with the rising sun everything will change. But the sun rises every day; it has risen thousands of times, and nothing changes. On the contrary, life goes on becoming more complicated, more miserable, more full of suffering, more full of fear.

Yes, you are afraid of old age, you are afraid of disease, but not of death. You know nothing about death. Death, you worship.

One of my friends was meeting with the home minister. He asked, “Ramakrishna Mission is given tax-exempt status, Vivekananda Mission is given tax-exempt status; why are you all against a man who has not done any harm to you?”

And the home minister said to him - “they are friends, old colleagues - because Oshois still alive, he cannot be given tax-exempt status.” My friend could not believe that to get tax-exempt status, you have to be dead! He said, “What kind of logic is this?”

And the home minister explained, “A living man cannot be given a tax-exempt status because he may change tomorrow, he may change his whole ideology; he may become a communist, he may become an anarchist. And particularly the man you have come to recommend to me is already dangerous!

“Once a man dies, everybody is satisfied; at least one thing is certain - that man cannot change. He cannot give another interpretation to life, he cannot declare that there is no God. We can be certain about his philosophy, and if it fits into our categories, we can give the tax-exempt status, but not to a living man - and especially to a living man like Osho!”

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