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Chapter 8: Our Longing Is for the Stars

And then the article would be passed around, and every disciple would change a few things, a few words. Here and there a few sentences he would add, a few he would cancel. And the next day he would write the same paper again, with all the corrections again. A single article would be passed around at least thirty times. And when there were no more corrections to make.And my feeling is that people got tired how long can you make corrections? There is a limit to everything. Then one day nobody would correct anything, and unanimously the article would be accepted, although nobody would understand what it was.

When his first book, All and Everything one thousand pages, his whole lifelong work was published, his publisher suggested.because nobody was ready to publish it, so he had to collect money from his disciples to publish it. The publisher suggested one thing: “I cannot figure out anything of what is written in it, but because you are putting up the money, I am publishing it. I am risking the name of my publishing house! You will have to agree to one thing: cut a hundred pages and let nine hundred pages remain joined, don’t cut them. With a note in the beginning of the book saying: First read one hundred pages, and if you feel that you still want to read ahead, cut the rest of the pages. If you feel that it is enough, you return the book and take your money back.”

And the fact is, even to go through those hundred pages is very difficult because sometimes one sentence runs through the whole page. By the time you come to the end of the sentence, you have forgotten the beginning. Somehow you look again at the beginning; by that time the middle is lost.

Most of the copies that were sold were brought back, nobody dared to open the rest. Those hundred pages were enough never again to touch any book of such a man! But he sold his books.the ordinary price was only one hundred dollars, but his price was one thousand dollars. He used to keep a few books with him he was a very impressive man, solid steel; anybody would become interested in him and he would say, “If you really want to understand me, first read the book. The price is one thousand dollars, and you cannot return it because that note is valid only if you purchase the book from the publisher.” But the publisher had given all the books back to him, saying, “It is impossible. A few people have taken, they read one or two pages and they come running: ‘Just give us our money, we don’t want to get into this trouble. This man will create nightmares! You cannot make anything out of what he is writing and why he is writing and what his goal is.’”

This book.And he was very inventive he had to be, because he had no education so he had to substitute what he had learned from all his nomadic training. Now, have you ever heard the name Beelzebub? That is the first chapter of the book Beelzebub. My god, what is “Beelzebub”? In a certain nomadic tribe, Beelzebub is the devil’s name. But there is no way to know that. And this Beelzebub tells about such things as the creation of the world; that in fact, he has created the world and this fellow God is simply a fiction.

Now, it will annoy anybody “Who is this Beelzebub in the first place? We have never even heard the name and he is establishing himself as the creator of the world and the father of us all.”

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