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Chapter 7: Seek Out the Way

Thus seek out the way.

Seek it by study of the laws of being,
the laws of Nature, the laws of the supernatural.
Steadily, as you watch and worship,
its light will grow stronger.
Then you may know
you have found the beginning of the way.
And when you have found the end
its light will suddenly become the infinite light.

Be not appalled and terrified by the sight;
keep your eyes fixed on the small light
and it will grow.
But let the darkness within
help you to understand the helplessness
of those who have seen no light,
whose souls are in profound gloom.

If you find your way, if you integrate your way into your experience and let it mold your behavior, then that light will be born inside you too. The lamp which will later become a beacon of light is lit.

But this won’t happen if you just sit around. This won’t happen without your making some effort. And it is right to begin from the beginning. Don’t walk on a borrowed path, because if you take the first step wrongly, the last step cannot be in the right place. And there is no way to arrive if you have made a mistake with the very first step. That is why one needs to take the first step very carefully, because the first step is half way to the destination. If the first step lands in the right place, then the destination is not very far away, because the first step is the beginning of the destination. With that you have connected yourself to the destination. It will take a little time - but you are on your way.

But we are very careless about the first step, and very anxious about the final destination. We are very anxious to have bliss, godliness, liberation, but we are not concerned that we may be taking a wrong first step. We are absolutely adamant that we have already taken the first step and are on our way. We think that the whole way is lying clearly ahead and that the only question is about the final goal.

Seek the way. Test it through experience. Whatever you have known, test it in your day-to-day living so it is not a dream. Then the goal is not far away.

The goal is always nearby - all that is needed is the right first step.