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Chapter 4: Understanding the Mind

After this whole exercise I will say that for ten minutes everything will be silent. In that silence you will only experience the witness inside you. There will be a light of awareness and you will be quietly lying there. Only your awareness will be there, there will only be an awareness of lying there. In this stage it is possible that the whole body will feel as if it is dead - and it will, because through the exercise with the chakras the body will become like a dead body.

Don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid if the body feels as if it is dead. It is good to feel like this. If a person experiences his body as being dead while he is alive, he will slowly become free of his fears about death. So don’t be afraid. Whatever experiences you go through - light, brightness, peace - just observe it and be where you are in total emptiness. These three stages are very important: the determination, the feeling and the meditation. This will be the nightly meditation.

I think you have all understood what I have said. Now you can all spread out. First find a place for yourself so that you can lie down. Nobody should be sitting. Give yourself as much space as possible, make use of the whole space.