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Chapter 3: The Mountainless Ocean

But he said, “Then make it available through other sources. I can hear - beat it like a drum. “You cannot beat light like a drum.

And the blind man said, “I can touch, at least let me touch light. My hand is open - where is your light? I can smell.” But all these senses are not capable of sensing the reality of light.

The whole village was tortured: “What to do with this man? He is so argumentative.we all know what light is, but he denies it. And he has valid reasons - we cannot offer any proof.”

They heard that Gautam Buddha was coming to their village. They thought, “This is a good opportunity to take this blind man to Gautam Buddha. If Gautam Buddha cannot convince him then perhaps it is not possible. And either way it will be very crucial; we can see how far Gautam Buddha can argue with this man.”

But they were wrong. Gautam Buddha did not argue with the man. He simply said, “Don’t harass him, it is ugly of you to tell him there is light. If you were compassionate enough you should have tried to find some physician to cure his eyes. Light is not an argument; you need eyes to see it and then there is no question of any doubt.”

Gautam Buddha had his own personal physician. He told his physician, “You remain in this village until this man’s eyes are cured. I will be moving with my caravan.”

After six months the physician and the blind man came, but he was no more blind. He came dancing! He fell to the feet of Gautam Buddha and he said, “I am so grateful to you that you were not philosophical with me, that you did not humiliate me. That rather than making a great argumentation, you simply made a simple point: that it is not a question of light, it is a question of eyes.”

The same is true about the inner self - it is not a question of your intelligence, not a question of your rationality, not a question of your logic, of your scientific knowledge, of your scriptures. It is a question of direct penetration with closed eyes into your own being, hidden behind your bones. Once that is known, a tremendous relaxation follows. Life for the first time becomes a dance. Even death is no more a disturbance.

However far fish sail in the water, there is no end to the water. However far birds fly in the sky, there is no end to the sky. But neither of them has ever left the water or the sky.

It is an ancient story.about a very curious young fish inquiring, “I have heard so much about the ocean but I don’t see where it is.”

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