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Chapter 10: Not Spiritual Guidance but Spiritual Presence

Even to reach the nearest star will take you four years traveling at the speed of light, and that too only if we can manage to create a vehicle which can move with the speed of light - which is impossible because anything moving with the speed of light becomes light. At that speed the heat is so much, the friction at that speed is such that everything becomes fire. No kind of metal exists which can resist that speed and remain itself.

The speed is very tremendous. In one second, one hundred and eighty-six thousand miles - in one second! Multiply it by sixty, that is in one minute; multiply it again by sixty, that is in one hour. This way go on multiplying to find the distance traveled in one year: that is one light year. The nearest star is four light years away! With such a speed.. First, there is a barrier: such a speed is not possible. Your vehicle, you, and everything would become light. By the time you reached that star you would be just rays of light and nothing else.

Scientists, and particularly scientific novelists, became very enchanted with the idea that the electron can disappear in the middle, between two points. That gave them a beautiful myth for the future: that we can make a machine in which the man enters and disappears - just like the electrons. We have just to find out how they manage to disappear. What is their mode of disappearance?

Once we have found their methods of disappearing from one point and then appearing again at another point, then there is no problem. Then man can disappear from the earth and can appear on the moon, on Mars, or anywhere in the whole universe. Then time is no problem. Here you disappear, and there you appear. In the middle there is nowhere that you can be found.

This looks very fictitious. Yes, as far as man is concerned, right now it looks fictitious, but the electrons have been doing it all along. They are still doing it. Their behavior destroys the whole certainty of science. It destroyed the whole Aristotelian logic and Euclidian geometry, it destroyed Bacon’s rules - it destroyed everything.

It opened a new dimension of utter freedom. And if even matter is so free, what about consciousness? Then consciousness is pure freedom.

So the first thing about your question I want to tell you is, there is nothing absolute. Everything is relative.

Absolute is a weighty word. It gives you a certain confidence. Politicians use such words to create confidence, certainty. But I cannot use such words, I am not a politician. I would prefer to use a more humble word: relative. It does not give you the feel of certainty. But certainty is needed only by people who are uncertain, certainty is the need of weaklings. People who are at ease have no need for certainty. They can very well understand the word relative and its implications.

There is a story: one day a man came to Gautam Buddha just in the morning, and asked him, “Does God exist?” Buddha looked at the man for a moment, and then said, “Yes.” The man could not believe it because he had heard that Buddha does not believe in God. Now, what to make of his yes?

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