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Chapter 52: Entering This Moment

For example, this room is filled with light. But it is not filled with the same light for everyone, or is it? If my eyes are weak then the light is not as light as it is for you. I see it as a little darker. Imagine if someone from Mars or from some other planet comes, who has very penetrating eyes. Then where you see light, he will see much light, more light then you see. And where you see darkness, he will see light. There are animals and birds who see in the night where you cannot see. For them it is light, for you it is darkness.

So what is light? And what is darkness? - one phenomenon. And how much you can penetrate into it, and how much it can penetrate into you.it depends on that penetration whether you call it light or darkness. These polar opposites just appear to be opposites. They are not, they are relative degrees of one phenomenon. So scientists say that the last divisible components of matter are just electric energy. But they don’t say they are light; they say electric energy. Darkness is also electric energy, and light is also electric energy. Electric energy is not synonymous with light. If you give it the name electric energy, then light is one expression and darkness is another.

But there is no need to move into scientific discussion about it. It is useless. Rather, think about your own mind, what you like. If you feel at ease with light, enter through light. That is your door. If you feel at ease with darkness, enter through darkness. And both will lead to the same.

Many methods in these 112 are concerned with light; a few are concerned with darkness. And Shiva is trying to explain all the methods possible. He is not talking to particular types; he is talking to all types. But there are a few persons who will like to enter through darkness. For example, a feminine mind, more passive, more receptive, will like to enter through darkness; it will be more acceptable. A male mind will like the light more.

You may not have observed the fact that many poets of the past and the present, many philosophers, and many others who have a deep insight into the human mind, have always compared the female with darkness, and the male with light. Light is aggressive, a male element; darkness is receptive, a female element. Darkness is like a womb.

So it depends: if you like darkness, good, enter through it. If you like light, enter through it. Sometimes even the opposite becomes appealing. You can try that also. There is no danger in trying anything, because every path leads to the same goal.

But don’t go on thinking about what to choose. Don’t waste time; rather, try. Because you can go on thinking forever about what will be suitable, what to do and what not to do, and why so many religions have insisted on light, and so few on darkness. Don’t get worried about these things; they don’t help. Rather, you think about your own type, about what will be suitable for you, in what you will feel more comfortable, and then start it.