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Chapter 10: Just One Moment.

Just understand: Dreams can give you an indication; they indicate clearly whatever your understanding has missed during the daytime. Maybe during the day you behave like a saint, but this saintliness is like the crane standing on one leg and pretending to be very saintly. He looks so white, so austere; he stands like a yogi and looks so pure. But don’t be deceived by his appearance. He is thinking only of the fish, he is waiting quietly to devour fish. He has done all these manipulations, these postures, just for the fish. Like this, the crane can fool others, but he doesn’t fool himself. He knows why he is standing quietly holding his breath. But man is more dishonest than the crane; he not only deceives others, he deceives himself also. When other people start believing him, he also starts believing in whatever deception he is using.

There is a contradiction between your wakefulness and sleep. You don’t feel any lust during the daytime because you have suppressed it very strongly. You just don’t let it arise. Not that it is finished - you just don’t let it be expressed. You go on suppressing it within your chest. At night, when the suppressor goes to sleep, then the suppressed wave arises and starts roaring and that becomes the lust in your dreams. Those who have suppressed it in the daytime will see it in their dreams.

The dream is the indication. It is your friend. It is telling you that it is no use suppressing anything, it will appear at night. “You may suppress us during the day, in the night we will reappear. You may deceive others and you may deceive yourself, but you cannot get rid of us.”

Now you want to know how to get rid of lust even in your dreaming. You think that you are free of lust during wakefulness, that you only have it in your dreams. This is illusion, a wrong notion. The dream itself is the proof of your not being free of it during wakefulness. The moment you are free from this during wakefulness you will not even see it in your dreams. The dream is just your subtle story.

You are asking how to suppress in dreaming what you have been able to suppress in your wakefulness. But then there will remain no way for you to become liberated from it. You must understand that whatever is suppressed will be ever-present and will be expressed sometime or other. It is like a sleeping volcano. The flames are not coming out, but so what? - you will smolder and burn inside. This disease will spread like a cancer in your existence. No, try to understand your dreams.

Your dreams are saying that during the daytime you have deceived yourself and you have suppressed something. So now try to uncover what you have suppressed. Try to understand this deep rule about the mind.

The mind is like the root of the tree. If the roots are deep down in the earth then the tree goes on flourishing; new leaves, flowers and fruits go on sprouting. But if the roots are pulled out of that dark depth and put in the light, then the tree dies. This is exactly what happens with the mind. Whatever may be the disease of the mind, bring it out in the light. Light is death for disease.

But you do just the opposite. Your so-called religious gurus have been telling you just the opposite. They have been telling that you should suppress it so much that even the root cannot be seen. But the deeper the root, the more dangerous it is. Then your life will become poisonous. You should uncover yourself and bring it before your eyes. Don’t run away or hide. Dig up your roots during the daytime and look at them in the light.

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