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Chapter 6: Taking the Risk

Both are incomplete. And to me, the only possibility for the new man is a great synthesis between the East and the West. And that’s what I am trying here in Pune.

I am neither an Eastern man nor a Western man. I don’t belong to any country, to any nation, to any religion, because if you belong to any country you cannot belong to all, and if you belong to any religion, all religions cannot be yours. I don’t belong to any. I have no roots in any country, in any religion, in any partial humanity.

And the whole effort here is to create a situation in which the division between the East and the West drops. And that is the same division between man and woman - on a different level, but the same division - between yin and yang: the same division between the active and the passive, the same division between the positive and the negative.

If it can be dropped.and it can be dropped: I have dropped it, you can drop it. Then suddenly you will see within you a new light arising which is neither of the East nor of the West. You will see within yourself the birth of a new man to whom the whole belongs and who belongs to the whole.

Enough for today.