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Chapter 42: Let My Words Be Seeds in You

I go with the wind, people of Orphalese, but not down into emptiness;
And if this day is not a fulfillment of your needs and my love, then let it be a promise till another day.

“I promise you I will come if this day has not been enough, if your needs are not fulfilled. Nor my love. I could not give you enough, in abundance, because you were not available to receive it.” Then let it be a promise till another day.

Man’s needs change, but not his love, nor his desire that his love should satisfy his needs.

Know, therefore, that from the greater silence I shall return.

All the mystics who have promised seemed to have failed in fulfilling their promise, because you are still looking for the outer frame. The outer frame cannot be the same. You will have to look to the essentials, then you will find no promise has remained unfulfilled.

All these people have come again and again. Untiring is their effort to make you understand, to help you grow into more light, into more love - to help you dance, because you are not crippled; to help you see, because you are not blind; to help you feel, because within every one of you a heart is beating, and is waiting for love to shower upon it.