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Chapter 11: Light, Life and Love

Sadaadeeptih apaar amrit vrittih snaanam

To be centered constantly in the inner illumination
and in the infinite inner nectar
is the preparatory bath for the worship.

Light is the most mysterious thing in the universe, for many reasons. You may not have felt it like that, but the first thing about light is that light is the purest energy. Physics says that everything material is not really matter, only energy is real. Matter is dead; matter exists no more. It never existed except in our conceptions. Matter appears to be, but it is not. Only light is - or energy, or electricity. The deeper we penetrate into matter, the less material is found. At the very deepest there is no matter, and matter itself becomes nonmaterial. But light remains, or energy.

Light is the purest energy. Light is not matter, and wherever we feel that matter is, it is only light condensed. So matter means light condensed. This is the first mystery about light, because it is the substratum of all existence. So in a new way, the oldest concept of religions - that in the beginning God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light - becomes very significant, because existence in its purity is light. So if existence begins, it has to begin with light.

Another thing: light can exist without life, but life cannot exist without light. So life also becomes secondary. Matter simply disappears, it is not. It is only condensed light. Then light can exist without life. Life is not a necessity for light to exist, but life cannot exist without light. So life becomes secondary and light becomes primary. In this context, one thing more: just as light can exist without life but life cannot exist without light, just the same, life can exist without love but love cannot exist without life. So these three l’s have to be remembered - light, life, love.

Light is the substratum, the ground, and love is the peak. Life is only an opportunity for light to reach love. Life is just a passage. So if you are only alive, you are just in the passage. You have not reached anywhere, unless you reach love. Light is the potentiality, love is the actuality, and life is only a passage. So when it is said that God is love, this is the love that is meant. Unless you become love you are just in between, you have not reached the end. Light is the beginning, love is the end, and life is just a passage.

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