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Chapter 8: Forget Trying to Get It!

First: Rabbi Gideon Finkelstein died and went to heaven. He saw only three people there, reading by a dim light. One of them was reading Playboy, another Penthouse, and the other Popular Science. He decided to see what hell was like.

The rabbi got to the devil’s domain and it turned out to be a big night club with every kind of music being played. There was an eight-piece Dixieland band, a thirty-piece swing band, three discos, and all the people were dancing.

Rabbi Finkelstein went back up to heaven and asked for an audience with God. “I don’t understand it, Lord,” he said, “there are only three people here in heaven and they are all reading. Down in hell everybody is dancing and having a good time. Why can’t we have that in heaven?”

The Lord said, “I can’t hire a band for just three people.”

And second.if you have missed the first joke, this certainly you will miss.

Three old ladies were sitting together on a park bench when a flasher walked up to them, opened his coat, and exposed himself.

The first old lady had a stroke, and the second old lady had also a stroke, but the third old lady’s arms were too short to reach.