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Chapter 5: Desire Only That Which Is Within You

If we take this symbol a step further, the body of the moth dies but its soul must become one with light. When we go within, our ego drops away like the moth and then our soul.

But the way we know ourselves right now - from our present face, from what we have understood to be our name, our address, our occupation - this “I,” this identification of ours, can never attain. It enters the light.this ego certainly climbs the stairs of the temple, but it dies outside the temple. And what enters is not the ego.

It is like when you take off your shoes before entering the temple; it is just like that. Your “I” will also fall away outside the real temple. Your existence as you know it now is also a layer, a covering, and that too will fall away outside the temple.

You will certainly enter the temple, but you have no idea about the you that will enter. That “you” is not the one you know. The “you” that is known to you will drop away outside the temple. And the “you” which you do not know will enter the temple and will become one with the flame. And this is another reason why the sutra calls it “unattainable.”

Desire only that which is unattainable.