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Chapter 11: Collecting Pebbles on the Seashore of Life

Now, there are two types of masters in the world. The first type I call the teacher. He teaches you things: disciplines. virtue, character, but next day you forget. Again he teaches you the same, and next day you forget again. The second I call the master. He does not teach you virtue, he does not teach you character, he does not teach you ordinary humility, humbleness, poverty - no. He bores a hole into your being so that light can penetrate and you can see yourself. He tries to make you aware, full of light. That’s the real master. In the East we call him satguru, the right master. Teachers are many; satgurus are very few and far between. Remember this distinction.

If you are with a teacher you may become a good man, but you cannot become enlightened. And your goodness will always remain on a volcano; it can erupt any moment. If you are with a teacher he will teach you outward things - how to discipline yourself, how to be good, how to be a servant, how to serve people, how to be nonviolent, how to be loving, kind, compassionate. He will teach you a thousand and one things.

If you come to a master, he teaches only one thing - that is: how to become aware, how to bore a hole into your being so light can enter into your imprisonment. And in that light, everything starts happening of its own accord.

And when things happen of their own accord, they have a beauty to them. Then there is great benediction.

Enough for today.