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Chapter 5: The Inner Alchemy

And you must know that light has two qualities: light and warmth. Heat is just concentrated light; light is nothing but heat dispersed. So when light travels to your body, every cell will become warm, enlightened, aware. Sleep is a cold thing, night is a cold thing. That’s why we sleep in the night; it is a cold thing. In the morning, with the rising sun, everything becomes warm, alive. Then it is difficult to sleep, it is easy to be awake.

When your circumference is cold, when your every body cell is cold, asleep, your center will be a hot spot. Because of that hot spot in the center you will be sexual, you will be angry, you will be greedy, and everything. Your center will be in a fever. When this heat begins to travel.of course, when the heat leaves your center it spreads. And the more it spreads, the less it is heat and the more it is light.

The sunrays on the earth are life-giving. They have traveled much. If you go nearer and nearer to them, they will become death-giving, because then they will not be warm, then they will be just pure fire.

If the heat is accumulated in the inner center, as it is, the whole body structure is just cold. You feel heat only in anger, in sex, in desire, in passion. But that is not light, simply heat, a feverish phenomenon. Because of this, sex is felt as a release - because you lose a certain quantity of heat and you are relieved, you lose a certain quantity of fever and you are released.

Because of this, militaries have not allowed their soldiers any sexual freedom - because if you allow sexual freedom to soldiers, they cannot fight. Their inner fever is released. Don’t allow them sexual freedom, then their inner fever is accumulated. That accumulated fever begins, automatically, to be violent.

That’s why a very deep phenomenon, a great riddle of history, can be solved. Whenever a society is affluent it begins to be sexually free. Only poor societies can be sex suppressive. Whenever a society is affluent, rich, you cannot suppress sex - because the food problem is solved, much energy is released. What to do with it? So the affluent society will become sexually free.

And the affluent society means a society which has progressed much technologically. Whenever any civilization comes to a point of affluence, sexual freedom is bound to be there, and then any less civilized society can win over this higher civilized society. So this has been always a riddle in history: a greater civilization will always be defeated by a barbaric, uncivilized society.

India was defeated continuously because of its affluence. Tartars, Berbers, Huns, Moghuls, Turks, they were all uncivilized societies - poor, poverty-stricken, sexually suppressed. They had much violence in them. You can see this in a modern phenomenon, in Vietnam. Americans could never win. Their youth is sexually free, they are less violent - they could not win in Vietnam. No affluent society can really win over any poor society. It can fight for longer periods, but cannot win. You can kill - kill the whole country - but you cannot win, because the very fighting spirit is not there.

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