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Chapter 5: God Has No Hands

Enlightenment becomes easier when you are playing a role which you don’t like; you hate it from your very guts - but because of the girlfriend, you have to play the role. The girlfriend is also trying to play her role - but two gorillas in one bed will be very difficult to contain; so man has managed that the girl should be ladylike, with closed eyes, lying almost dead, so he can jump like a gorilla all over the bed.

But you don’t like the role. It would be good for you to have a camera fixed up to film you when you behave like a gorilla. And later on, seeing it, you will feel so ashamed: What are you doing? What kind of idiot are you? It is good that people put the light off. And every society in the past has been against people making love in the open, on the sea beach, or in the park. Every society in the past has been very much against it, for the simple reason that anybody behaving like a gorilla on the sea beach reminds every man on the beach that, “this is what I am also doing. Just, I do it in the darkness of the night.”

But, Devageet, the step from being a gorilla to enlightenment is just a single step of becoming aware of what you are doing, and slipping out of your act just the way a snake slips out of its old skin. Jump out of the bed and become a buddha. Tonight, try it! Just in the middle of being a gorilla, immediately jump out of the bed, sit in a lotus posture and become a buddha! And I promise you, your girlfriend will be even more blissful and more happy: “At last some sense has happened to you.”

And you will find it a surprising fact that the distance is so close. You can become in your sleep a gorilla; you can become in your sleep a president; you can become in your sleep the richest man - but these are all dreams.

In fact, when you become a gorilla in your sleep, it becomes a nightmare. All love affairs turn into nightmares. And to get up from the nightmare also seems very difficult, but people only try to get up when their dreams start turning into nightmares. If the dream goes on, sweet, beautiful - who wants to get up?

It is good that you have recognized one thing - that you behave like a gorilla. This is a great understanding. Now, tonight, take the first step of becoming enlightened; and tomorrow morning everybody will see that Devageet - who used to be a gorilla - has become enlightened. Miracles still happen.

Problems seem to disappear into thin air. They keep trying to come, but cannot take root; and if for a few moments one settles, it soon looks ridiculous, so fades away. Does the light you share with us dispel even the dark night of the soul? What is the dark night of the soul? Is it really true?

Prem Shunyo, problems are never solved. They remain in different forms; you go on solving them, and they go on appearing in different forms. That is the way of philosophy where every question that was asked at the very beginning of human thinking, is still asked. Millions of solutions have been proposed, but the problem is as fresh and as pertinent as ever.

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