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Chapter 36: A Man of Zen

Once you said that we have shown courage in being with you - but it doesn’t feel like that to me. To me it feels like the easiest and the only thing to do. It rather frightens me to think of living in this world away from you. It feels like walking out of life into death. Can you please explain this for me?

First, it certainly needs courage to be with me. But once you are with me, all the fears created by the mind start disappearing and a new courage, a new sincerity, takes their place. Slowly, slowly, I become your world. Then, to leave me needs immense courage.

The first courage was from darkness toward light; the second courage is from light to darkness.

The first courage was the courage to love, to live, to be. The second courage is to commit suicide; the second is certainly more difficult and more idiotic. Just by being courageous one does not become intelligent. Idiots are very courageous in many situations: where an intelligent man will stop, they will go on ahead - because to see the danger needs intelligence.

You are now in that situation. You have completely forgotten the first courage, which is natural, because when you come from darkness to light who wants to remember those dark nights and those nightmares? Slowly, slowly, one forgets them all. And because my insistence is to be in the present, the past is forgotten.

Now if you think to go away from me, that will be really not only just courageous, but idiotic too. Always go higher - from darkness to light, from light to more light - then courage and intelligence are together. But whenever you start slipping backwards, intelligence drops the company of courage. Then only the stupid ones will be able to fall back into darkness.

So you are right: it is more difficult, it should be more difficult. In fact, if you are intelligent it should be absolutely impossible to go backwards: time does not allow it, life does not allow it.

Existence has no way to go back. The whole existence aspires to go forward toward more affluence, more richness, more clarity, more understanding, more love. All these combined together I give the name “godliness.”

Does “to become conscious” mean that something that was unconscious is raised to the level of the mind, and only when it has passed through the state of the mind can it rise to the level of superconsciousness? Does everything need to pass through the mind, or is it possible to become conscious from another place, and jump the mind stage?

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