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Chapter 7: Not Faith, but Fear

The Holy Ghost, they say, is one with God, is not separate. And it is the Holy Ghost who made the poor Mary pregnant. God himself has become a sinner; it does not make Jesus born out of virtue. Because God is raping a woman who is somebody’s wife without her consent, Jesus simply becomes a bastard, and God becomes a sinner.

So the whole of humanity is born out of sin, the original sin that Adam and Eve committed. And God has become a sinner from the very beginning. First he murdered Lilith, then he committed rape on Mary. Even God is not qualified to be present on the judgment day. Only the righteous can judge.

Who is righteous?

But Christian theologians are very clever in finding ways. Just a few days ago, the third man in the Church of England.. The first is the archbishop of England, then there is the second most senior man; then comes the third man, who can possibly someday become the archbishop of England, because only one man is in between him and the top, and he is young enough..

He has come out with the statement that, “Taking the vow of celibacy does not include homosexuality.” You can be celibate and you can be homosexual; it simply prevents you from heterosexuality. A new definition! They have to find such a definition, because almost fifty percent of Christian monks are homosexuals. The remaining ones may be masturbating, but nobody, unless he is born impotent, can be celibate by nature.

These people go on teaching unnatural things. And when people cannot cope with unnaturalness, and they are drawn to their nature, it becomes sin. Then they have to be condemned to hellfire. To be natural is a sin, according to Christianity - and according to other religions too. To be unnatural and abnormal - to be perverted - is to be saintly.

Now this bishop, who has a high post in England, with every possibility that he will become the archbishop of England.. England has its own church, so the archbishop of England has the same position as the pope. Now he is saying that homosexuality is allowed, no scripture prevents it.

I could not believe my eyes! I could not believe my ears! What is this man saying?

The Old Testament has the story of two cities, Sodom and Gomorrah. God destroyed both the cities completely, just like Hiroshima and Nagasaki have been destroyed. What was the reason? - because they were all becoming homosexuals. Bestiality, masturbation, all kinds of perversions were prevailing in both the cities.

God told them, “If you remain so perverted, I am going to destroy you.” And he destroyed both the cities, which were great cities in those days.

If God is still alive, which I doubt, then he should destroy all the Christian monks immediately. This is the right moment to finish with Christian monks, because they are making the whole earth a Sodom, a Gomorrah. All their monasteries are nothing but sexual perversion.

And that is true about other religions also. They are all against nature and being natural. You are forcing people to unnecessarily feel guilty.

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