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Chapter 1: The Pure Truth

You are eternally free, you have always been free.

Liberation is not a happening which we need to strive for.

Liberation has already happened in our being.

The whole existence is made of freedom. Every particle of it, every pore of it is made of liberation. Freedom is the material from which the whole existence is produced. Freedom is its very nature.

This declaration - just understand it and the transformation takes place. There is nothing to do except understand it. If it descends into you, if you listen with your whole mind, it is enough.

I would like to say “Enough for today.”

Make a total effort to understand Ashtavakra. In Ashtavakra there is no place for doing. So don’t think some method which you can do is going to emerge. Ashtavakra does not suggest anything to do. Listen in repose. Nothing is going to happen by doing.

So don’t bring a scratch pad or book to take notes in when a sutra comes. Don’t write it down to do later. Doing doesn’t work here. Listen with no concern for the future. Just listen. Just sit quietly with me and listen. Listen to me in relaxation. Just listening.listening, you can become enlightened.

This is why Mahavira said that a shravaka is a seeker who can be enlightened just by listening! A shravaka means one who becomes liberated just by listening. A sadhu means one who cannot become liberated by listening. He is a little less intelligent - he has to practice something. The shadow of the whip is not enough for him. This horse belongs to a slightly lower class: the whip cracks, then it moves a little. Or beat it and it moves a little.

The shadow is enough.

Listen - the shadow of the whip will become apparent.

With Ashtavakra one thing has to be remembered: there is nothing to do. You can listen joyfully. You don’t have to extract anything from it to try out later. Whatever happens will happen from listening. Right listening is the key.

.this very moment you will be happy, at peace and free of bondage.

Be liberated right now. Be enlightened this very moment. Nobody is stopping you, nothing is preventing you. There is no need to budge an inch. Be enlightened right where you are, because you are free already. Awaken and be enlightened.

Unattached and without form, you are the witness of the whole universe. Know this and be happy.