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Chapter 9: Jesus: What Was His Crime?

But people who were the guardians of the law naturally became afraid. They had to defend - the society, the law, the discipline, the temple, the religion - Jesus was a danger to everything. When they started to understand, or misunderstand Jesus, when they heard him, by and by they became aware of certain things - certain things which were their securities, which were their comforts; certain things to which they were clinging and avoiding life; certain things, like walls, prisons, in which they were hiding and feeling safe. Jesus started shaking them out of their sleep. They could not see who Jesus was, they could not see him directly. They could see him only in relation to the securities which were going to be broken by this man. He was a tremendous phenomenon, but they could see only a few points.

And that is how it always happens. What I am saying to you, you are not listening to its totality. Only to a few things do you listen which are in some way related to you, in some way disturb you, or in some way console you. You don’t listen to me, you listen to me in reference to yourself. And because of that reference, everything becomes confused. You lose clarity.

Let me tell you a story.

There is a story about a man who went to a dictionary compiler and asked him why he was so interested in sex. The lexicographer was quite surprised, and said, “Wherever did you get that idea?”

“From your own writings!” said the angry visitor.

“But I have only written that one dictionary. That’s all of my writing,” said the author.

“I know,” said the visitor, “and that is the book which I have read.”

“But the book contains a hundred thousand words, and out of those I don’t suppose that more than a dozen words are about sex.”

“What are you talking about all the other words for,” said the visitor, “when I was asking you about the words for sex!”

One hundred thousand words, but this man had read only the twelve words about sex. He must have been a celibate, he must have been suppressing sex. Out of a hundred thousand words, only a few words are important to him. In fact, for other words he is almost blind; only for those few words is he not blind.

When you read a book, you never read the book that the author has written. You read some other book that you can read. When you listen to me, it is not to what I am saying that you listen. You may hear what I am saying, but you don’t listen to what I am saying. You listen only to certain things which are in a certain way relevant to your mind. Hearing is not difficult, listening is the problem. Listening means that you don’t choose.

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