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Chapter 26: The Illogical Electron

Be perfectly clear about it. My effort is not to strengthen a certain mind, my effort is just the opposite of it: to give you a state of no-mind - a state which has no knowledge, a state which functions from not knowing, a state of innocence.

I use contradiction as a device. I say one thing, out of your old habit you cling to it; the next day I have to contradict it. When I contradict it you have to drop it. But you may start clinging to the new thing that I have said; I will have to contradict it again.

This will go on, you will go on clinging to this, to that. One day suddenly you will become aware what is happening. I don’t allow you any certainty, nothing to cling to. And if I contradict, what is the point of clinging at all? Then why not wait? I will contradict, and then you will have to leave it, and it is painful. Once you cling to a thing and then you have to leave it, it is painful, it creates anxiety.

So those who have listened to me for a long time, simply listen. They simply listen, they don’t cling. They know perfectly well, now they are aware of the game, that tomorrow I will contradict. So why carry it for twenty-four hours? The pain of carrying the weight, and then the pain of dropping it.slowly, slowly it dawns in your awareness that there is no need to cling; this man contradicts. This man is consistently inconsistent.

Once you have understood that, you listen to me as one listens to music. You listen to me as one listens to the wind passing through the pine trees, you listen to me as one listens to the birds singing in the morning. You don’t say to the cuckoo, “Yesterday your song was different,” and you don’t go to the roseflower and say, “Last season the flowers were bigger” - or smaller - “why are you contradicting yourself?”

You don’t say to the poet, “In one of your poems you said this, and in another poem you have said something else.” You don’t expect a poet to be consistent, so you don’t ask. Poetry is not a theory, it is not a syllogism; it is a song.

I am not a philosopher. Always remember that I am a poet, not a philosopher. Remember always that I am not a missionary, but a musician playing on the harp of your heart. Songs will go on changing. You need not cling to anything, then there will be no confusion at all.

The people who are always hankering for consistency can never enter into the mystery of life. Consistency is something man-made, it is arbitrary. Existence is not consistent. And now even physicists agree with the poets and the mystics.

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