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Chapter 5: Discontent: Another Name for Inferiority

Isn’t there a single nation which can declare, “We are going to stop creating nuclear weapons at the risk of being defeated”? Anyway, a country like England, which has lived for three hundred years in great luxury, exploiting the whole world.. Now the empire has disappeared. England is dark, dismal; there is no hope - and still they are putting all their resources into creating nuclear weapons, knowing perfectly well that they can never again be a world power. They cannot compete with America or the Soviet Union, or even China.

When you are not going to be a world power - even with nuclear weapons you will be defeated and destroyed - then what is the point of creating those weapons? In fact it is such a beautiful situation that you can dissolve all defense measures, you can stop having a defense ministry. There is no need; you will be defeated anyway.

But what to say about England? Even India, which is dying, goes on and on creating more and more war material. They are also after nuclear weapons.

In the history of man there has never been such a beautiful moment, when some courageous nation can say, “There is no need for any defense. We are all human beings - who is going to attack us?”

And do you see the cunningness? All these defense departments are not really for defense, they are for attack. Adolf Hitler attacked the world, but he had no department for attack. It was the defense department that was attacking.

The world will be going more and more into darker spaces, ditches. But nobody is ready to listen; their minds are conditioned so deeply that they are almost deaf. They hear, but they don’t listen.

I just heard that one clergyman from Europe is here. He loves me, he has been coming to all the celebrations. But because I said something about Mother Teresa, he became very upset. This makes me sad. Why did he become so upset? Can’t he understand a simple thing? - that Mother Teresa is helping poverty to increase in the world, and poverty ultimately means war.

He said that his four girlfriends.. Strange, a clergyman having four girlfriends? Even I cannot afford that. And nobody is there to prevent me, I am my own master; I don’t accept orders from anybody. Four girlfriends of his had been to Mother Teresa, and they all said that she is a nice woman. So what? There are millions of nice women, far nicer than Mother Teresa. And I have not said that she’s not nice. Why do you get upset? Yes, she is a nice old witch. Now get upset. And pack your luggage and go back. Your love for me was of no worth.

This makes me sad. In these thirty years thousands of people have come along with me; they will go a few steps and then drop away. They had the potential, they had the courage; otherwise even to go a few steps with me towards the unknown is difficult. But after a few steps, why did they drop out? Something I said disturbed them. But they are not aware - it is not their consciousness which is disturbed, it is their conditioning which gets upset, disturbed.

Are you going to listen to awareness or to all kinds of rubbish that rabbis, bishops, popes, mothers and fathers have forced into your head when you were very small and vulnerable?

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